Whale Health Spa | Frozen Planet II | BBC Earth

Whale Health Spa | Frozen Planet II | BBC Earth

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Did you know bowhead whales have the biggest mouth on the planet? Their four-metre long baleen plates are the longest of all whales, enabling them to sieve out up to six tonnes of plankton a day. Thanks to all that eating, they grow swiftly into eighteen metre, one-hundred ton giants. And even giants need to pamper themselves from time to time...

Meet the animals inhabiting our fragile frozen worlds in Frozen Planet II. This is life on thin ice. ❄️

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Frozen Planet II (2022)
This six-part series – narrated by Sir David Attenborough – explores the wildlife found in the world’s coldest regions: the Arctic and Antarctic, high mountains, frozen deserts, snowbound forests, and ice-cold oceans. From polar bears to penguins, and from snow monkeys to Siberian tigers, each species must overcome a unique set of challenges to endure its extreme environment.

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Title: Whale Health Spa | Frozen Planet II | BBC Earth
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